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Daily(ish) Decodable: The "oi" sound in "oil"

Today we're working on "oi" words like"oil" and "coin." If your child needs more practice with this sound, start here


Now on to the lesson…

Rhyme It Parents, read the following words out loud. Then ask your child which one does NOT rhyme with the others?

fill foil coil ------------------------------- Say It Have your child point to the word "oil" and say it 3 times: oil



------------------------------- Blend It Have your child read these words: boil










Read It

Have your child read the passage below:

Oil and Water


My brother Andy and I are like oil and water; we don't mix.


I like my tea boiling hot.


Andy orders coffee over ice.


I like digging in the dirt and soil.


Andy prefers to keep his hands clean.


I have one good buddy and play with her every day.


Andy seems to join a new sport every week. 


It can be fun to point to all the ways Andy and I are different.


But when Mom says to clean up, Andy and I look at each other. We both want to keep playing! We are on the same team on that! 


Explain It

Now have your child answer a couple questions about the story:

  1. What happened in the story?

  2. What are some differences between Andy and the author?

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