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Daily(ish) Decodable: The "-er" sound

Today we’re going to work on the “-er” sound in words like “water” or “sister."

{We've done this sound before, but the words and story are different today.}

Rhyme It Parents, read the following words out loud. Then ask your child which one does NOT rhyme with the others? resist sister blister ------------------------------- Say It Have your child point to the sound and say it 3 times:

------------------------------- Blend It Have your child read these words: mixer








Read It Have your child read the passage below:


Halloween is on October 31. That’s today!

I am dressing up as a witch with a black hat.

My brother is going as a goblin with a green mask.

My sister will be a crab. Don’t let her pinch you!

We will walk and see pumpkins.

We will bring a bucket as we go looking for candy.

If I grab… Ten Snickers… Plus six bags of M and M’s… Plus three Twizzlers… How much candy did I get? ------------------------------- Explain It

Now have your child answer a couple questions about the story:

  1. What holiday is the story about?

  2. What are the author's brother and sister dressing up as?


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