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Wednesday Word Ladder: 11/8/23

Today we’re going to do a variation of a "word ladder." Parents: Have your child read the first word, and then give them the clues and ask them to change one letter to make a new word.

Start with this word: __flesh_

After using the toilet, you need to: ________

A sudden burst of speed (or the name of a super fast superhero): ________

Two things that do not go together: _clash_

Part of a school, the room where you go to learn: ________

What windows are made out of: ________

A very common green plant (it grows in most yards): ________

Another word for disgusting or really dirty: _gross_

What chickens do when they come to a road: ________

What farmers plant, such as corn or wheat: ________

If you let go of something, it: _drops_


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