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Wednesday Word Ladder: 11/1/23

Today we’re going to do a variation of a "word ladder." Parents: Have your child read the first word, and then give them the clues and ask them to change one letter to make a new word.

A tiny bug with six legs, it is an: __ant_

Add an "r" sound at the beginning: ________

The smallest baby in a litter of pigs or cats is called the: _runt_

Add a "g" sound at the beginning: ________

A boy's name, or a word meaning to give someone permission: ________

A fancy word for great or magnificent: ________

Nike, Coca-Cola, or Target are all names of one of these: ________

Food that needs more flavor is: ________

Stir or mix things together: ________

Take away the "b" sound at the beginning: ________

Take away the "l" sound at the beginning: __end___


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