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Wednesday Word Ladder: 1/10/24

Today we’re going to do a variation of a "word ladder." Parents: Have your child read the first word, and then give them the clues and ask them to change one letter to make a new word.

Start with this word:   __meld_


An ice cube that gets hot will: _______


Something that helps hold up your pants: _______


When lightning strikes, you might see a thunder: _______


Speak up! Be brave! Be: _______!


Not hot, but:  _______


If a phone battery dies, plug it into the outlet with the charging:  _______


People use this to seal up wine bottles:  _______


Food made from pigs is called:  _______


Where to find a playground or a baseball field:  _______


Add an “s” at the beginning to make a:  __spark_

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