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Review Day and Magic E Decodable

Welcome back to Read Not Guess. Today we’re going to work on some two-syllable Magic E words and then give your son or daughter a short decodable story to practice.

Both parent and child will need to be able to see the screen.

Let’s get started.

Word Practice

Today let’s make it a bit tougher by working on two-syllable words with a Magic E. Have your child point to the letters as they sound out these words:

pan cake


Did they get it right? Have them keep blending it faster until they are reading the word "pancake" correctly. Let’s do some more:

sun shine



up date



ex cuse



milk shake


Now let’s try some where the Magic E is kind of hidden inside the word:

base ment



smoke stack



hope less


Decodable Story

To help your child practice these skills, see if they can read this story, adapted from Open Source Phonics.

Bike Ride

Sam woke up with a smile. It was a good day. She was going to go for a bike ride by herself.

She ate some food, put on her helmet, and went outside.

She got on her bike and rode to the park. She stopped to play on the swings and the slides.

Next, Sam rode up the big hill on Preston Drive. She kept pumping her feet.

She sped down the other side. Sam was happy she went for a bike ride all by herself. It was way more fun than sitting at home.

If they read it smoothly, great! If they stumble, have them keep practicing until they can it smoothly.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you next time.


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