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Daily(ish) Decodable: Words like "these"

Today we're working on words like “these” and “cheese.” Start here if your child needs a refresher on this Magic E sound

Rhyme It Parents, read the following words out loud. Then ask your child which one does NOT rhyme with the others?

these those cheese ------------------------------- Say It Have your child point to the sound below and say it three times: ese



------------------------------- Blend It Have your child read these words: these







Read It

Have your child read the passage below.

These New Treats


Oh my! When I walk into the kitchen, I see some new treats sitting on the counter.


They look white and crunchy and sweet.


“Mom!” I yell. “What are these new treats? Can I have some?”


“Which ones? Those?” she asks with a sly grin. “I just made a batch of those. I call them Puppy Chow.”


“What is in them?” I ask.


“They have peanut butter, chocolate chips, and Chex mix,” she responds.


“Will you share with me?”


“Yes, I will,” she says.


“These are so yummy!” I exclaim. Then I declare them my new favorite treat. 


Explain It

Now have your child answer a couple questions about the story:

  1. What happened in the story?

  2. Can you describe the new treat the author discovers? What does it look like? 


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