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Daily(ish) Decodable: Words like "ace" and "space"

Today we’re going to work on words like “ace” or “space." If your child wants or need more practice on the "Magic E" and the "soft c" sound, start here.

Now on to today's lesson...

Rhyme It Parents, read the following words out loud. Then ask your child which one does NOT rhyme with the others?

run race pace ------------------------------- Say It Have your child point to the word "ace" as they say it 3 times: ...ace



------------------------------- Blend It Have your child read these words: face









Read It Have your child read the passage below:

The Ape Who Went to Space


The USA sent Ham the Chimp into space in 1963.


Ham did not fly or land the spaceship. He was held in place by a belt or a strap.


But Ham was not a regular chimpanzee! NASA tested 40 chimps, and Ham was the best.


Why chimps?


Remember that chimps are a kind of ape?


At the time, NASA had never sent a human to space. They wanted to see how apes like Ham did in space. If Ham did well, then humans could do it too.


And Ham did well! His trip was short, but he did his tasks, and then he was back safe.


Explain It

Now have your child answer a couple questions about the story:

  1. Did Ham the chimp fly the spaceship?

  2. When Ham went into space, did a human go with him?

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