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Daily(ish) Decodable: The "br-" sound

Today we’re going to work on the “br-” sound in words like “brick” or “brass."

Rhyme It Parents, read the following words out loud. Then ask your child which one does NOT rhyme with the others? bridge brim grim ------------------------------- Say It Have your child point to the sound and say it 3 times: b r

b r


------------------------------- Blend It Have your child read these words: brag








Read It Have your child read the passage below:

The Hulk

The Hulk is a big green man.

But his folks (his mom and dad) are stronger than him.

So they hatch a plan for The Hulk to get even bigger.

They tell him to get a bucket, and fill it to the brim with bricks.

Then he has to lift that bucket up to his chin… and walk it to the ditch… and bring it back.

After that, he gets a cup of milk to drink, which will help him grow.

The Hulk can’t get any greener, but he will get bigger and stronger. ------------------------------- Explain It

Now have your child answer a couple questions about the story:

  1. In the story, how does The Hulk get bigger?

  2. What does The Hulk drink to help him grow strong?


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