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The Words "I" and "And"

Welcome back to Read Not Guess. Today we’re going to cover the words “I” and “and.” We're also going to start putting the words we’ve read so far into sentences.

Let’s get started.

Today’s Letter Sound

Today we’re going to learn the word “I.” We’ve already covered the lowercase “ih” sound, but the capital “I” is a special and important case. It's pronounced just like the letter name--I.

Ask your child to make the “I” sound 3 times as they point to the letters:

I I I Word Practice

Now we’re going to work on “blending” letter sounds into words. Your child can start slowly by saying each sound individually, but each time, they should try to say it just a bit faster.

Ask your child to say the correct sounds as they point to the letters:

g u t g u t gut


g e t g e t get


p e g p e g peg

Make sure they're saying it as one word and not adding an extra "guh" sound at the end.

Now let's try a harder sequence. Start with this one:

a n d a n d and The word “and” is an important word in the English language. Have them read it one more time before we move on:

and Now try this one:

s and s and sand And finish with a harder one:

s t and st and stand Silly Story

Now see if your child can read this silly story: Pam can sit. Sam can sit.

Pam and Sam can sit.

Pam sat. Sam sat.

Pam and Sam sat.

I didn't. If they stumble on the word “didn’t,” just have them keep sounding it out until they can read it smoothly.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you next time.

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