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The Letter "W"

Welcome back to Read Not Guess. Today we’re going to work on the letter “W.”

Remember that we’re going to focus on the sounds the letters make. Both parent and child will need to be able to see the screen.

Ok, let’s get started.

Today’s Letter Sound

Today we’re going to work on the letter “W.” It’s pronounced like the start of the words “wish” or “waterfall.”

Ask your child to make the “w” sound 3 times as they point to the letters:




Ask your child if they can think of any words that start with the “w” sound. If they need help, the words web, well, and weekend all start with the “w” sound.

Have them say the “w” sound 3 more times as they point to the letters:




Word Practice

Now we’re going to work on “blending” letter sounds into words. Your child can start slowly by saying each sound individually, but each time, they should try to say it just a bit faster.

Ask your child to say the correct sounds as they point to the letters:

w e t

w et


Did they get it right? If they're still reading it as "wuh-eh-tuh" by the end of the sequence, ask them to do it faster until they are reading the word "wet" correctly. Let’s do a few more:

w e b

w eb



w a g

w ag



w i n

w in



t w i n

tw in


Silly Sentences

If you think your child is ready, see if they can read this:

I will win.


I did it.

I won.

The words "wow" and “won” are tricky, but see if your child can sound them out based on what they know so far about the “w” and “on” sounds. If they struggle, have them re-read it another time or two to get it right.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you next time.


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