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Review Day: Magic E Words

Welcome back to Read Not Guess. Today we’re going to practice Magic E words, work on a couple important exceptions, and then give your child a decodable story to practice.

Both parent and child will need to be able to see the screen.

Let’s get started.

Word Practice

This week we worked on Magic E words with the long “a” and long “i” sounds. Let’s reinforce those lessons in a couple ways. First, have your child read these words:










Did they get through those ok? Now let’s try a tougher set. This time, I’ve purposefully mixed up words with and without the Magic E. Can your son or daughter read these:

at / ate

can / cane

cape / cap

mad / made

And these:

pin / pine

bite / bit

Tim / time

rid / ride

Exceptions to the Magic E rule

Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions to the Magic E rule. English is funny like that!

One exception is a very common word that means to own or possess something, like in the sentence “I have the red marker.”

Have your child point to the letters as they read the word “have” three times:




Another exception to the Magic E rule is the word “give,” like in the sentence “I will give it to you when I’m done.”

Have your child point to the letters as they read the word “give” three times:




Decodable Story

Now let’s see if your child can put it all together. If they're up for it, have them try reading this short decodable story, adapted from

At the Lake

If you go to a lake and you cannot swim, you can still have fun.

You can wade! You will not get as wet.

Do you see a cave?

No? Well then, lay in the sand with me. The lake is lapping at my feet.

Let's walk along the rim and look for shells. Save the best ones to give to Jack and Jake.

Pick up rocks. Take the flat ones and fling them into the water.

You can have fun like this. Give it a go!

If they read it smoothly, great! If they stumble, have them keep practicing until they can it smoothly.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you next time.

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