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Magic E Words With the Long "i" Sound

Welcome back to Read Not Guess. Today we’re going to keep working on the Magic E with words such as “like” and “bike.”

Both parent and child will need to be able to see the screen.

Let’s get started.

Letter Names

So far we’ve mainly focused on the sounds the letters make. But today it might be helpful to also brush up on the names of the vowels.

Let's start by having your child point to this letter and say it's name:




Special Rule: Magic E

Now, remind your child that when a word ends with a Magic E, the "e" at the end is silent, but it makes the vowel that comes before it say its own name.

So when a word looks like this, the Magic E helps the “i” say its own name:


See if your child can sound out these words with the Magic E:









Now try these:



Silly Sentences

Have your child practice with these silly sentences:

Fly the kite.

That fork is mine.

Hide and seek.

I like grape jelly.

Take a hike.

If they read these smoothly, great! If they stumble, have them keep practicing to get them right.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you next time.

P.S. Ready for more practice? Try the free decodable story "Kites for Sale" from UFLI Foundations.

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