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Reading Together

Read Not Guess

Help your child learn to read.

Read Not Guess is designed for parents

Our clear, easy-to-follow instructions will help you support--and monitor--your child's reading progress. 

​No time? No problem. The lessons are meant for busy families and should take only 5-10 minutes a day to work through.

Sign up for one of our programs now. (They are all FREE for parents.) Or check out the sample lessons below to see if Read Not Guess is right for you.

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Why Read Not Guess?

My name is Chad Aldeman. I live with my wife and kids in Virginia.

I've devoted my professional career to researching and writing about education policy, but I started Read Not Guess after watching my son struggle to sound out words. It drove me nuts to watch him come to a word he didn't recognize, take his eyes off the page, and *guess.*

After learning more about the science of reading and how reading is (and is not) taught in schools, I created Read Not Guess to help other parents establish and maintain positive reading habits from the beginning.​

Read Not Guess is the simple, structured literacy program I wish we had when our kids were learning to read. 

For questions or inquires about bulk subscriptions, please reach out at

Parent Testimonials

"My son actually came up to me yesterday and asked if we could read - true breakthrough."

Sample Lessons

Introduces a new letter sound and asks kids to blend those sounds into words. 

Reviews the sounds we covered that week and suggests games to reinforce blending and decoding skills. 

Gives parents a few short exercises to test kids on their ability to recognize sounds and blend them into words.

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