14 Days To Read Not Guess...

14 Days To Read Not Guess...

Schools don't always give parents timely, actionable information about their child's progress. I experienced this firsthand. It came as a surprise to me when I discovered that my son was using guessing strategies when he came to unfamiliar words. He was guessing, not reading.

I started Read Not Guess to help  parents catch these issues sooner, and, ideally, to instill good reading habits from the beginning.

After piloting a back-to-school challenge this summer, I'm excited to launch a school-year version to help parents support (and monitor) their child's reading progress throughout the year. Parents and other caregivers who sign up will receive short email lessons three times a week from October-May.

This version is designed to supplement, not replace, what your child is learning in school. Think of Read Not Guess as providing regular little checks to make sure your child is building strong reading skills.

Sign up now at: https://www.readnotguess.com/join/

I hope to see you soon,


P.S. Please forward this email to any friends, relatives, or co-workers you know with children who might benefit from Read Not Guess.