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About Read Not Guess

I started Read Not Guess after watching my son struggle with reading. I want to help other parents going through a similar experience.
About Read Not Guess

My name is Chad Aldeman. I'm the father of two kids and live in Virginia.

My passion is education. In my professional life, I am the Policy Director of the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University. I previously served at the U.S. Department of Education during the Obama Administration.

Reading is not guessing

I started Read Not Guess after watching my son struggle with his reading. Rather than trying to sound out words he didn't recognize, he would guess based on pictures or other context clues. My son picked up these bad habits at school thanks to a literacy curriculum that emphasized the "three-cueing" technique, which encourages students to guess based on pictures, the first letter in the word, or other context clues.

When my son came to a word he didn't recognize, he would guess, take his eyes off the page, and look to me for confirmation. This drove me crazy!  You can't read without looking at the words on the page. Worse, I knew this habit would not serve him well as he advanced to more challenging text.

My son has supportive parents who are now working with him to unlearn bad habits and re-learn good ones. But after learning more about the science of reading and how reading is (and is not) taught in schools, I created Read Not Guess to help other parents spot bad habits early and establish and maintain positive reading habits from the beginning.

Help your child learn to read, not guess

Parents play an important role in early literacy, and my goal is to provide them with the tools to build their child's reading skills, and to know when, and how, to step in if their child is struggling.

Our reading lessons will show you how. Designed as a supplementary program for early readers, each email will feature a short lesson to practice sounding out letters, blending those sounds into words, and building words into sentences.

​No time? No problem. These lessons are meant for busy families and should take only 5-10 minutes to work through.

Sign up now, or see a sample lesson to see if Read Not Guess is right for you.

For questions, email me at chad-at-readnotguess-dot-com.