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Help your child learn to read

Since our founding in 2022, we've helped over 4,000 parents. Our lessons are meant to be short, fun, and practical. Sign up for one of our free programs below.

Read Not Guess helps instill a love of learning.

My son actually came up to me yesterday and asked if we could read - true breakthrough.

Kids enjoy Read Not Guess lessons.

After having knockdown drag-out fights over her reading, we did four Read Not Guess lessons tonight and she loved them and kept asking when we could do more.

Read Not Guess lessons are short and easy to use.

Perfect length lessons for short attention spans. Well broken down directions for me to teach my child.

Read Not Guess helps children improve their reading skills.

My child has historically struggled with phonological awareness and decoding and I can tell that she has already made some nice gains as a result of completing the daily challenges.
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